Modern Pendant Light Fittings

Shady Lady Lighting has a very large range of modern pendants, both in store and available to order. These range in size and design from very small LED single pendants, to very large multiple light bulb feature lights. This is a very small selection below, and we are in the process of adding more all the time. Please feel free to email or phone us if you have any questions, we are always keen to hear from our customers.

For a larger selection of our range you can browse through our online catalogues here:

Prices are $NZ and include GST. Shipping is calculated as a flat $5 packaging fee, Plus 5% of the order total to the NZ mainland (not Rural). We ship NZ wide and are happy to price freight for Rural delivery, Waiheke, Chatham islands etc. We cant ship to PO Boxes sorry


SL38292 Jimmy Red
CL10409 Bonito 1L
SL39427 Caviar 6L
SPL037 Jaeger 4L
LM11273 Star 12L
CL10425 Bonito 3L
MA10009 Birdsnest
SL39069 Tikka Masala
SL39505 Starburst 12L
SL39506 Zeus 6L
SL38392 Triguna
PX15231 Clear Vintage
MA10093 Earth Shade
PX14844 Fantail
MA10083 FlowerBloom
SL39107 Kidman Small
SL39066 Kidman Large
SL39180 Urchin 400
GV10710 Zen
PX13948 Jelly Bean
SL39104 Baloo
CL10431 Bonito 6L
CL11140 Sputnik 6L
SL38385 Connor Blk Large
SL38388 Connor Wh Small
SL39326 Darcy Smoke
SL39327 Darcy White
SL39328 Luna 400
SL38605 Luna 500
SL38552 Lucerna
PX15438 Autum Gold
PX15439 Autum Silver
SL39357 Deco 8L
SL39502 Spida 5L
SL39421 Freddie 400
SL39422 Freddie 500
GV10514 Bex White
PX14186 Jellybean Black
GV10548 Kyss Black
GV10549 Kyss White
SL39068 Nui
SL38548 Salem
GV10328 Toulouse 8L
GV10705 Vespa Gold
GV10706 Vespa Grey
CL10203 Zara 6
CL10204 Zara 7
CL10205 Zara 8
CL10206 Zara 9
CL10203 Zara 10
GV10637 Romande 3L
SL38977 Mono Small
SL38976 Mono Large 3L
SL38607 Linberg 6L
SL38610 Perry

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