Ceiling Buttons - Efficent and cost effective Lighting

Ceiling buttons (sometimes called oysters) come in a range of styles but they are all essentially flattish lights, normally round that sit flat against the ceiling. They can be very efficient, low maintenance and a great alternative to recess lighting if you want the low maintenance without the lots of extra wiring / time to install and the holes in your ceiling. They come in halogen, GLS, fluoro or LED versions. The GLS can use standard (incandescent) light bulbs, CFL's ("energy savers") or LED lightbulbs. Most of the halogen models can now take a replacement LED lamp as well. The ones with built in LED modules can be the most efficient and smallest for the light output. There are lots of options to chose from.

Freight & Terms of Trade

Traditional Buttons ("Oysters")

Although these are "traditional" style fittings, they can also look great in a modern setting

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2020 Oyster
Dallas Oyster Chrome
Dallas Oyster Bronze
Nautilus Small
Nautilus Med
Nautilus Large
Tribeca Med
Tribeca Large
Boston Oyster
Tito Large
Last one

Contemporary Ceiling Buttons

EPI 14W white
EPI 14W Silver
EPI 20W white
EPI 20W Silver
EPI 28W White
EPI 28W Silver
Romande 300mm
Romande 400mm
Bombolini 25W
Bombolini 35W

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