Table Lamp Replacement Cord-sets

Shady lady Lighting has a large range of cordsets for Table lamps and Floor Lamps (for Table and Floor Lamps the cord-set is the flex, plug and (optional) switch all complete ready to be wired to the tablelamp). They come in a variety of colours, 2 or 3 core, and switched or un-switched. Note most electrical wiring jobs need to be done by a registered person (Electrician, Electrical Appliance Serviceman etc), or at least a competent person, and any advice given on this site is purchasing information only. The person assembling the parts needs to know what they are doing and is responsible for the work being completed safely and to NZ Standards.

  • Un-Switched:Has no switch on cordset, ie plug and flex only (for Table Lamps that have a switched lampholder)
  • Switched: Has an in-line switch pre-wired in the cordset (for Table lamps with no switch on the lampholder)
  • 2-Core: Two wires in the flex(Live and Neutral) and 2 pins on plug. For Table lamps that don't require earthing, ie plastic Lampholders and Bases mainly made of wood, ceramic etc
  • 3-Core: Three wires in the flex(Live, Neutral and Earth wires), and three pins on the plug. For Table lamps that require earthing, ie Metal bases/lampholders
  • Size: Length of the cord set in metres, and the approx. distance of switch from the lampholder end

Prices are $NZ and include GST. Shipping is calculated as a flat $5 packaging fee, Plus 5% of the order total to the NZ mainland (not Rural). We ship NZ wide and are happy to price freight for Rural delivery, Waiheke, Chatham islands etc. We cant ship to PO Boxes sorry


2-Core Table Lamp Cord-sets

WCS02: 2-C Black 3.5 metre
WCS04: 2-C White 3.5 metre
WCS05: 2-C Gold 3.5 metre
WCS25: 2-C Black Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS26: 2-C White Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS06: 2-C Gold Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS28: 2-C Clear Switched 3.5 m
Out of stock - ETA Jan22

3-core Cord-sets for Table Lamps

WCS29: 3-C Black 3.5 metre
WCS21: 3-C White 3.5 metre
WCS11: 3-C Gold 3.5 metre
WCS31: 3-C Black Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS30: 3-C White Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS12: 3-C Gold Switched 3.5 m (.9m to switch)
WCS27: 3-C Clear Switched 3.5 m
WCS18: 3-C Red CLOTH Switched 2.5 m (.8m to switch)
WCS19: 3-C Black/White CLOTH Switched 3.5 m
WCS32: 3-C BLACK CLOTH Switched 3.5 m
WCS33: 3-C BROWN CLOTH Switched 3.5 m
WCS37: 3-C WHITE CLOTH Switched 3.5 m
Coming Soon - ETA Jan22

Cord-sets for Salt-Lamps (Clip & lamp-holder attached)

WCS17: 2-C Blk DIMMER SES Clip

Longer Cord-Sets for Floor Lamps

WCS35: 2-C BLACK Switched 4m FLOOR
WCS34: 3-C BLACK Cloth Switched 4m FLOOR

SPECIALS (Limited Stock)

WCS20: 3-C White 2.5 metre
WCS13: 3-C White 3 metre
WCS14: 3-C White Switched 3 m (.8m to switch)
WCS30M: 3-C White Switched 3.5m (Marked)
SALE $15
SALE $26
SALE $16
2-C Clear 2.5M Switched (0.6m from PLUG END)
3-C White 2.5M Switched (0.6m From PLUG END)
3-C Black 2.5M Switched (0.6m From PLUG END)
3-C Clear 2.5M Switched (0.6m From PLUG END)
SALE $11
SALE $11
SALE $11

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