LED Lighting

Residential Lighting...

Shady Lady Lighting have a brand new Lighting Showroom at 3 Rutherford Street, Lower Hutt. There is a large exclusive range of all types of Lighting on display including Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Exterior, LED, Recess, Spotlights, Art Deco, Glassware, Lighting parts and all Lightbulbs (LED, Halogen, Fluro, energy saver and more).

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Traditional Lighting

Home Lighting and House-Lots...

Shady Lady Lightings team of experienced residential and commercial lighting consultants are here to give you specialized advice in lighting your home and garden. We provide an in-store service to help ensure your home will be lit to its best to suit your decor.

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Table Lamps

Inspiration and Ideas...

Shady Lady Lighting Consultants have a vast range of product available to them, and combined with Lighting and Design experience can come up with the perfect solution to light your home.....

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Floor Lamps

Exterior and Outdoor Lighting...

Shady Lady Lighting supplies a huge range of Exterior and Outdoor lighting. From very Large re-production lanterns and posts, to discreet LED path way and step lighting, to contemporary bulk-heads and flood lights.

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Lamp Shades Fabric Shades

Modern Fittings with Traditional Looks and Quality

Shady Lady Lighting can all be supplied with Incandescent, fluorescent, energy saver and LED lamps (Light Bulbs). This, combined with a very wide choice of components like cord and chain sets, batton covers and a great range of flex in multiple colours and finishes gives you the choices your home deserves....

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Light Bulbs Lamps

Designer Lighting

Because we Manufacture and Import, Shady Lady Lighting can supply product that can be mix and matched to give you an almost unlimited choice with your lighting. All backed up by spare parts and accessories.....

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Traditional Lighting

Traditional Lighting

We have NZ's largest range of Traditional Lighting giving an almost unlimited choice of fittings. We have well over 30 years experience supplying to homes all over New Zealand.....

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Lighting Wellington

Art Deco: Modern and Traditional

Shady Lady Lighting has the largest range of Art Deco and Traditional Lighting in NZ. There hundreds of options when you are lighting to match the exact age and decor of your home. The art Deco lighting is timeless and also works well in a lot of modern Homes, Cafes and Commercial areas.....

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Chandeliers Pendant Lighting

Retro Metal Shades and Fittings

Shady Lady Lighting has a great range of metal shades in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations to suit all tastes. There is a very large choice of retro, modern or Traditional cord, chain and rod-sets to compliment these.......

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Pendant Lighting

Traditional Lighting with Modern lamps

Shady Lady Lighting has NZ's largest range of Traditional Lighting in Hand-paint, Brass, Chrome, Ant-Brass, Satin Chrome, Patina Brown, Florentine Bronze and more. All have modern components and are suitable for energy saver and LED Lamps (Lightbulbs).....

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Ceiling Lighting

Vanity and Bathroom Lighting

Shady Lady Lighting supplies Vanity and Bathroom Lighting to suit all decor,  from the very traditional to the Ultra modern. Talk to our Lighting Consultants to find the Bathroom Lighting that's right for your home......

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Lamp Shades Fabric Shades

Fabric Shades, Table and Floor Lamps

Shady Lady Lighting is NZs premier manufacturer of custom made Fabric Shades. From smallest to very large commercial shades, Traditional stretch shades to modern pendants using latest designer fabrics. Quality fabrics and components, and over 30 years experience ensure quality, and long lasting product.

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Crystal Chandeliers


Shady Lady Lighting Chandeliers are small, medium, large and very large. Pendants, Baskets, CTC (Close to Ceiling), Modern, Traditional and more. Lots and Lots of Crystal.....

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Lamps Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs, glassware, Table Lamps

Shady Lady Lighting supplies a very large range of lamps (light-bulbs). We have or can source a lot of hard to get lightbulbs in Incandescent, Halogen, LED, energy savers, self-ballasted and non-ballasted Fluorescent etc etc. We also have a great range of spare glass and accessories.....

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Lighting Parts

Lighting Parts and Components

Shady Lady Lighting supplies a very large range of lighting parts and components. (lamp-holders, switches, cord-sets, candle effects, Hooks, ceiling roses, rod-sets, threads, cord-grips including a lot of hard to get lighting parts. If its to do with lighting then we will most likely have it.....

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Online Sales

Online Lighting Sales NZ

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Wholesale & Manufacturing

Lamp Shade Manufacture NZ

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