Traditional Pendants

Shady Lady Lighting has the best range of Traditional Lighting pendants in NZ. We have small single pendants through to very large commerical feature lighting, matching wall options, and a variety of glass both as options and spares. There are a lot on display in our showroom, and even more available to order. They can all take an LED lightbulbs as an option. This is a very small selection below, and we are in the process of adding more all the time. Please feel free to email or phone us if you have any questions, we are always keen to hear from our customers.

For a larger selection of our range you can browse through our online catalogues here:

Prices are $NZ and include GST. Shipping is calculated as a flat $5 packaging fee, Plus 5% of the order total to the NZ mainland (not Rural). We ship NZ wide and are happy to price freight for Rural delivery, Waiheke, Chatham islands etc. We cant ship to PO Boxes sorry


LO12592 Wembley 3L
LO12611 Wembley 5L
LO39017 Helsinki 9L
LO39015 Helsinki 5L
Last One
Only 2 Left
LO17065 New Jers SemiFlush
LO17066 New Jersey 3L Susp
LO17076 New York 3L Susp
LO39009 Helsinki 3L
Last One
LO15098 James 3L
LO17081 3030 3L
LO17083 3030 5L
LO17062 New Jersey 5L
Last One
LO17092 2020 3L
LO17094 2020 5L
LO17097 2020 Semi Flush
LO38156 Utah 3L
LO38157 Utah 5L
LO39456 Manhatten 5L
LO38060 Denver Susp
LO38058 Denver 3L
LO38059 Denver 5L
Last One
LO38316 Dallas 9L
Dallas Orig 9L
LO38314 Dallas 5L
Last One
LO38312 Dallas 3L
LO15852 Burnley 4L
LO38090 Jika 5L
Wimbledon 5L Brass
Jika 5L 8044
GA12745 Ignacia 5L
LO38259 Carlylie 4L
Last One
GA11277 Odessa 5L
GA11276 Odessa Wall
LM10190 Athena 5L
LO13813 Victoriana 5L
Last One
LM10314 Carcina 5L
LO38047 Dakota 2L Bench
GA11249 Devon A/B
GA11250 Devon Black
GA11251 Devon Sat Chrome
GA11300 Devon Wall A/B
GV10322 Paula 5L AB
GA11298 Heritage 3L
GA11299 Heritage 5L
GA11296 Heritage Wall
GA11297 Heritage WB 2L
LO39394 Arizona 5L
LO39395 Arizona 9L
LO39392 Arizona 3L
LO39414 Boston Oyster
LO39419 Boston wall Sconce
LO39412 Boston 5L
LO39411 Boston 3L
LO39418 Boston Single Susp
LO39837 Sonata
LO39836 Eltham
LO39416 Boston Semi Flush
8" Etched Sphere Brass
LO39139 10" Opal BF
LO39631 Chateau BF
LO39700 Lincoln BF
LO39244 8044 9" B Fix
LO39236 ST Kilda 14" BF
Mosaiac Large
Last One

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